Current Condition

The site is currently dormant as both the residential and commercial units are now vacant. As a result, the Mews now suffers from anti-social behaviour and we are concerned that continued long term vacancy in this site would make it target for further anti-social behaviour. Due to their age, the nature of the industrial use, and the lack of significant investment in property maintenance by tenants, the buildings are in a poor state of repair. The configuration is also extremely inefficient for modern commercial uses, and the residential parts of the property cannot, economically or physically, provide living spaces that meet the standards of high-quality modern living. As the site has remained vacant for some time, we hope to bring the Mews back into active use so it can once again positively contribute to the area whilst also deterring anti-social behaviour.

Anti-Social Behaviour

The Church Commissioners have taken several steps to secure the site with the aim of preventing anti-social behaviour. This includes:

  • CCTV throughout the Mews
  • Motion activated intruder alarms
  • Steel security screens fitted to all windows and doors

Both the CCTV and motion activated intruder alarms are remotely monitored 24/7 by a security company which will attend the site in the event of an activation. However, as Portsea Mews is public highway, we encourage any residents to report anti-social behaviour occurring on the street to either Westminster City Council or the Police.

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